Lead-in short?

I have noted that the lead in to my rides is not starting at the correct point. I am only doing part of the lead in.
The Volcano Circuit in Watopia. 4.3 miles with 1.8 lead-in is completed in 3.3 miles. I start in the middle of the Sea.
The Richmond Fan Flats Ride 5.8 miles with 2.6 mile Lead-in started at the long straight missing out part of lead-in as well, completed in 4.4 miles 1.4 miles of Lead-in missing.
Using Ipad latest Zwift and IOS software installed.
Any Help or advice appreciated.

Similar issue reported by my kids on AppleTV. I checked if there was an update, but there wasn’t.

This is the ‘issue’ of Zwift now including the lead-in as part of the route distance (since so many people couldn’t figure that out): the lead-in distance is different for event starts than for free-ride starts. The lead-in for an event (which is the distance Zwift shows) will start from one of the pens, while the lead-in for a free-ride will start from one of the spawn points.

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Thanks for the explanation Nigel.
So, for the moment anyway, unless I enter an event I will not know the exact distance of my ride until I complete it, as the spawn point is ‘somewhere’ along the lead in.
Thanks again