Zwift Companion vs Zwift Site: Route Distances

We’ve recently begun using Companion App to create Meetups for our group rides to alleviate some of the overhead of creating scheduled rides with Zwift HQ.

Interestingly, the route distances that are listed in the Companion App are not the same as those listed on the official Zwift Cycling Courses and Routes page:

It’s not the end of the world, but it’s weird that these do not align when Zwift HQ is the source for both pieces of information.

Because we publish the route distance for our Meetups (so members know what they are getting into), I’d like to be more accurate than less. I believe the numbers on the Zwift page are correct, and those in the Companion App less precise. Perhaps there is something I’m missing, and would be grateful for insight.

As an example, we are doing Volcano Flat route Saturday morning. In the Companion App, the distance is listed as 8.2 miles, whereas on the Zwift web site, it’s listed as 7.6 miles.