Why doesn’t the Companion app have a list of routes with their elevation and length?

Why do I have to Google for a list of routes in order to remind myself how long / what the elevation is for a particular route? Shouldn’t that be an option in the Companion app?

You don’t have to google them , this site makes it very easy Routes

It’s one of a long list of “why, oh why” questions on the overall design of Zwift. The short answer: because. It is what it is. It’s weird, it’s oddball, and it ain’t getting fixed.


Seems like it would be an easy item to add to the menu. I mean — yeah, I can go to this Zwift hacks site I guess — but I’m trying to ride my bicycle so the less I have to click around on my phone the better, right?

The more you try to inject logic into this, the more frustration you will generate. Yes, it makes no sense; no, it should not be hard to correct - but there is more chances that we’ll both join a Pro Tour team than there is of seeing these (numerous) oddities being fixed in our lifetime.

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Basically, as Gerrie said, someone has made a workaround that cost zwift nothing so zwift doesn’t want to spend time and money on it.

@Robert_C you have a good point. But where do we stop adding stuff to the app. once there is to much to maintain things will start to fall apart.

There are many requests to add functionality to the Companion app: Like Badges, route description, Zwift garage and many more.

I think Zwift should focus on keeping the roads working and the bikes riding without that we can’t do a single thing.

I would say give the community more power. Look at Zwift power that came from the community, without that Zwift racing is nothing.

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when you have added all the actually useful stuff!


Most of these requests are ways to compensate for a funky and ill-designed app in the first place. You wouldn’t need badges and garage and routes in the Companion app if there was an easy way to manage those in the main app.

Anyone just has to take a look at the dozens of car racing games out there to see how they manage courses and garages and events and accomplishments. It’s not like the wheel doesn’t exist and it needs to be invented; it’s just that the Zwift designers don’t seem to be aware of the existence of or need for wheels. Which for a biking app is ironic at best.

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You ride a bike on a road to participate in events and accomplish things. Show the bikes, the roads, the events and the accomplishments.


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They’ve got wheels down but let’s not even mention pedals. Nothing better than my virtual legs spinning mid air with the cranks magically turning with them when my bike has no pedals.

I think you are confusing useful with the bare minimum!