Zwift Companion v3.51 [September 2023]

swiping left/right on the events tiles didn’t seem to work as well as the explore tiles,

I’m running the companion app on an android phone.


I’d be happy if they at least moved the Explore section to the bottom where Goals are so that it’s out of the way. The need to reference that information is going to be infrequent, so stick it at the bottom.

As well, on Android at least, I cannot smoothly scroll my signed up events. They only move a small amount at at time rather than being able to smoothly scroll through them the way we were before. This I think is a bug.

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sounds like what i experienced too.


Same here. The sliding Events tiles seem a lot more “sticky” then the Explore tiles.

Android 13.

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Yep. Something amiss there.

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There’s finally a world schedule on Companion! Explore > Calendar button. :partying_face:

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If I go to a world and then click in the search box to find a route, the behavior of the textbox is broken. I can type 1 letter, that works fine, if I type another letter the first one is replaced with the second one (ie. I can only search for one letter). The exception is if I repeat the same letter and then it will show me 2 characters but only the 2nd and 3rd ones I type :laughing:.

So, I press a, it shows me a. I press another a and it shows me a single a. I press a again and now it shows me two a’s. Press it a 4th time and it’s back to showing a single a.

This is on Android.

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Works fine for me. Android 13

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Did you remove the Apple Watch companion app with this update?

@shooj you asked for questions or concerns.

I like the recent addition of the current worlds and World Schedule to the Companion App. Now very quick and easy to see which worlds are available today and for the month.

I am however concerned that, in my case, the Companion App and the in game information do not match up. Companion App is showing me France and Paris available for today yet in game I am seeing that Scotland and Makuri Isl are available.

It has been reported several times over the past three/four months that the worlds currently available have not been matching with the Zwift published in game World Schedule. [They have matched with the schedule published each month by ZwiftInsider.] I’m wondering whether the Companion App information is being pulled from the incorrect World Schedule whilst the in game worlds are programmed in a different manner. This might resolve itself for me later in the day but as France/Paris were the guest Worlds on 27th/28th Sept I have a feeling it won’t.

I’m not seeing exactly this, but I am seeing weird behaviour in this search box. It’s slow to register each letter that I type, so if I type at normal speed into that box it will miss some of the letters. But if I type slowly it’s fine. Android 13.

@shooj sonething is broken here. Probably related to this similar issue - Zwift Companion v3.51 [September 2023] - #19 by Steve_Hammatt

Hi iPhone and iPad users,

Companion v3.51.1 fixes a crash that can occur on iOS17 and iPadOS17. Please update on the App Store at your earliest convenience.

I’ve got a new bug on companion app and ios17. When I installed ios17 I needed to grant full access to the calendar for the app, but after this update it is still on full access and get the error message “please enable calendar permissions for Zwift companion …”

Tried changing the setting, restart, but cannot add an event I am going to to the calendar app.

Be great if it was fixed and the setting was add event only.

I notice that my iPhone turns the display off after some seconds when using the Companion App. In previous versions Companion kept the display turned on.

Is this a new feature or is it correlated to iOS 17?

I have not seen this problem with iOS 17.0.3 and Companion (iPhone Xr). I think if it were happening to a lot of people we would be seeing many screams here on the forum. I’m not sure what’s going on in your case. You might try deleting Companion, rebooting the phone, then reinstalling Companion, in case something went wrong when it updated.

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are you definitely connected to your ride?

the only time i have this is if it hasn’t noticed i’m riding and so doesn’t go to the game screen

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Thanks. I’ll try a reboot and see what happens. Good to know that I seem to be the only one.

Companion opened the map, so I think it was connected. But I’ll keep an eye on this. Thanks.