Companion app crash [iOS 17] [3.51] [September 2023]

iOS 17.0.1. On the new Explore feature, when I tap a world, then a route, the app loads a view for a second and then crashes. Is this feature only intended to be used while connected to the game on the same wifi?

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Same with me , crashes when tapping on any of the routes

A crash with the Zwift Companion app v 3.51.0 has come to our attention. The issue occurs on iOS 17 and iPadOS17 when using the Explore feature to look at route details.

We are aware and working on a fix. We’ll update this thread as there’s news to report.

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When I try to browse a route on the companion app, the app quits

UPDATE September 28
A fix has been identified and a patch for iOS in pending Apple review. We’ll try to get it out as soon as we can.


Thanks for quickly addressing this. Great feature and looking forward to using it!

Hi iPhone and iPad users,

Companion v3.51.1 fixes a crash that can occur on iOS17 and iPadOS17. Please update on the App Store at your earliest convenience.