Zwift Companion v3.51 [September 2023]

Hi Zwifters,

The Companion v 3.51 release notes may be the most concise ever.

  • Bug fixes and improvements.

It is available now in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Please let us know below if you have questions or concerns.

UPDATE September 29
v 3.51.1 for iOS only

  • Fixed a crash on iOS/iPadOS 17 when loading route details from Route Exploration.

LOL. Exciting stuff! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sliding the events could be smoother, quicker and more responsive.

Also, can the number of events you are registered for in the list be increased please?

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Could be the shortest Zwift Insider article ever!


When I Sort by Distance (High to Low) in Explore and tap on ANY Route, the app force closes / crashes every single time.
iOS 17.0.2

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The goofy thing is, this is a Companion app update that actually has cool upgrades in it. Why the heck isn’t Zwift talking about it? Odd…


Just updated and opened (iOS/Android). Holy heck - you weren’t kidding about cool upgrades.

The ability to see which worlds are active by swiping the explore bar is great…and then you can tunnel down and look at any world, as well as see the world calendar.

That’s all stuff people have been asking for one way or another for a long time.

EDIT - Houston, do we have a problem? Android and iOS Companion are showing different guest worlds for me. Android: France, Paris. iPad, London, Yorkshire.

Please tell me there is a way to turn OFF the Explore section in Companion!!? This clutters up the display and makes viewing and getting to what I really want in Companion more difficult.

Please give experienced users the ability to organize information in the way that works for them rather than trying to force people to “explore” the platform. I know what I want and need to Zwift, and I’m not looking to be herded in other directions.


Hi not sure if it is a bug or you it turned off. leaderboard is missing or has been replaced by routes. When I open them up I can open watopia say then try and open a route it open then crash the app. I have done this on 2 or 3 routes in watopia, then opened London say thing. Not sure if it is a bug or just turned off. iOS companion with iOS 17.2 if that helps.

Guys can we add the ability to write power, cadence and speed data to Apple Health and Activities within Fitness now that Watch OS10 allows these metrics to be captured as well as updating FTP.

not keen on this update, is there going to be a customisable option? as I just have to scroll down further now past a section, I personally will never use


to get to what? Mine looks like this:

only need to scroll down to see goals which i had to previously

its unnecessary scrolling to see the 3rd person, also seems that spacing has changed

this change for change sake isnt always a good thing



i’d say complaining for complaining’s sake isn’t always good either.


swiping left/right on the events tiles didn’t seem to work as well as the explore tiles,

I’m running the companion app on an android phone.


I’d be happy if they at least moved the Explore section to the bottom where Goals are so that it’s out of the way. The need to reference that information is going to be infrequent, so stick it at the bottom.

As well, on Android at least, I cannot smoothly scroll my signed up events. They only move a small amount at at time rather than being able to smoothly scroll through them the way we were before. This I think is a bug.

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sounds like what i experienced too.


Same here. The sliding Events tiles seem a lot more “sticky” then the Explore tiles.

Android 13.

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Yep. Something amiss there.