Zwift Companion Release, September 28th (3.18 iOS, Android)

Listing events now says network error since the update


Does this update patch the Uber Pretzel and Four Horsemen “No Badge” bug?

Yes it does, see the release notes in the other thread

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yup, mine too, android 3.18 just installed the update. No events listed. My meetups are still there however.


The apply filters button option on Android doesnt seem to work when only zwift academy is selected , as per attached it is greyed out

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you will need to also select the type of event like a race or workout. It would have been nice if you could only show the zwift academy events and no others.


Thanks!! Will do the Uber and 4 horsemen over the next few days. Last two badges remaining

CA map still broken - over 2 years and counting …

You have to clear cache(s) and then all good

Clearing cache did not fix it for me

OK, sorry bout that. Did you try re-install?

Ok yes uninstall and reinstall does work.

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I deleted data and cache. Re logged in and now it’s all good.

Two Android devices here and both getting the “network error” when loading events in CA.


@D_Byrne See above - delete your cache/date or reinstall. Had same issue on 3 Android phones and clearing cache/deleting data worked on all 3.

Just resetting the event filters in the app worked for me.

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Thank’s @Dean. Deleted all files and logging back in worked.

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Companion map still not wirking after delete/reload.

I have the same issue since the update, I get a network error when I go to events.