Zwift Companion Release 3.47 [May 2023]

Hello Zwifters! Here are the notes for the latest updates to the Zwift Companion app version 3.47.0.

Apple (iOS):

  • Added support for encryption when using Zwift Hardware
  • Increased the minimum supported operating system to iOS 13
  • Updates to Club Notifications Settings including turning on/off notifications per club
  • Fix for iOS 16 users that cannot pair with Zwift App due to network interface conflicts
  • Fixed a sorting issue with Quarterly view of Leaderboards
  • Fix an issue with scatter graph labels of Leaderboards
  • Visual improvements when rendering route maps throughout Zwift Companion
  • Usability improvements for interacting with Zwift Hardware

Google (Android):

  • Visual improvements when rendering route maps throughout Zwift Companion
  • Usability improvements for interacting with Zwift Hardware
  • Usability improvements for Leaderboards

UPDATE Companion v 3.47.1 (June 14)

  • Fixed a bug where Zwift Companion would not unpair Bluetooth devices consistently.
  • Improved on-screen instructions for connecting Zwift Hardware to Zwift Companion.
  • Improved instructions for battery charging requirements needed prior to updating the firmware for Zwift hardware.
  • Fixed an issue with Bluetooth device icons when paired with Zwift App.

Android Only

  • Fixed a bug that affected Bluetooth pairing for some devices when bridging to Zwift App.
  • Fixed a bug where the progress indicator persists after the completion of a firmware update.

iOS Only

  • Fixed a crash when showing a route’s map while planning a Meetup.

Still not seeing the option for “turning on/off notifications per club” in iOS. Does this need to be enabled server-side or something…?

Same here (and yes I’ve updated the app).

Thanks for the reports. We’re checking it out.

@Eric_Schlange_ZwftIn and @B_Jimmy
Would you mind checking now? A server-side change was just made.

Hurray! Setting is there now.

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Working now!

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Except… the settings appear to be doubled up? Attached is what I’m seeing. Not sure why there are two different settings, with different names and explanations, for chat and events. Seems something is still off…

Ah… I see how it works now. A bit confusing, but I get it.

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Running on iOS 16, I find that the Reminder Time setting doesn’t work. Trying to select 30 or 60 minutes yields no response. It stays at 15 minutes. Various retry/restart attempts and other changes/saves didn’t help. When I tap on 30 minutes, nothing happens. It is not selected.

Interesting, Paul. :face_with_monocle:
I just checked mine (Companion 3.47.0 on an iPhone 11 Pro running iOS 16.5) and I was able to change to and save any combination of the Reminder settings. :man_shrugging:

Are there any other settings in Companion or iOS that could override the ability to change these?

Thanks for the flag @Paul_Southworth

I asked the team to look into this, and we weren’t able to reproduce on iOS 16.
Questions for you: Was the event in question an hour+ into the future? If you sign up for a random event again that’s more than 60 minutes out, are you able to repro?

Something seems to have broken in ZC when viewing meetup RSVPs. When scrolling down to view responses, the app crashes consistently every time. It occurs for my own meetups as well as those I’ve been invited to. This has been happening since I updated the app on my IPhone last week

In iOS 3.47, selecting a meetup event and scrolling to the bottom of the invitation list causes a crash quit.

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@Laticia_Waclawik and @Bill_Parquet-8167
Thanks for flagging up the Meetup crash on iOS.
The fix is coming in the next patch. We appreciate your patience.

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Please note an update for Companion 3.47.1 is live in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Allow a few hours to propgate to Apple and Google servers worldwide.

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I see the network connection for the Iphone 14/IOS 16 went into place with this update. Unfortunately, this update does not fix the connection of the companion app to Zwift. And the CA Alpha app has been removed. So no companion app connectivity. Really disappointed because the CA Alpha app worked and I was able to enjoy the full Zwift experience. Not now. Sent an email to support too.

When I’m doing a workout how do I skip a segment using companion? There used to be an icon on the map tab. It’s not there anymore.

Swipe the segment away on the app.

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