Zwift Companion question

I am running Zwift on Apple TV, which is hard-wired via Ethernet to my router. I have Zwift Companion running on my Samsung Galaxy. This setup had been working just fine for several weeks, but today ZC would not connect. I could see myself in the activity feed, but could not get the “game.” I know they should both be on the same wi-fi connection. They ARE on the same network. And it had been working up until now. Any ideas as to why this didn’t work today would be appreciated. I’m not even sure where to start to troubleshoot this. Thanks.

Are you on the latest version of the companion app?

3.28.1 (1264)

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Try rebooting your router. Something is stopping your ZC on your phone from seeing your Zwift client app on your ATV.

Don’t see any update option in the Google Play store, so it must the the latest version, right?

Yes… 2.28.1 (1264). I will try rebooting the router.

Rebooting the router worked. Thanks.

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