Zwift Companion (iOS) freezes after using teleport [June 2023-2024]

@James_Zwift I have teleported several times using the companion app on my iPhone 12. After I teleport the screen freezes on the message asking me if I want to teleport or cancel. I cannot do anything else with the app. I basically have to shut down my phone to clear the Companion App and then come back into Zwift where it takes me where I am presently at on the map. This is so frustrating and I hope you address this in update very soon.

What version of iOS is this using?

I thought I had the same issue on Android, but then noticed a “×” in the top right corner of the pop-up dialog box …

I am using IOS Version 16.5.1 on an iPhone 12 Pro

I never noticed one iPhone. I will have to check next time. In the meantime I replied to James with my IOS version.

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I have the exact same issue. Only way out is to close the app and reopen. Also iPhone 12 Pro iOS 17.4.

Same thing happens here, iPad running Zwift and iPhone running Companion App.

Hello all,

It looks like there was a pretty big gap in reports of this issue, but it sounds like this issue is still occurring for some ZC iOS users. This is being tracked for a fix by our ZC engineers, but I wasn’t able to reproduce this myself simply by triggering a teleport using the button from the action bar in ZC. I’d appreciate any additional information you can share regarding how to encounter this freeze, for example:

  • What device is running Zwift?
  • What other apps (if any) are running on your ZC device when the freeze occurs?
  • Can the freeze occur immediately after starting an activity?
  • Are there any other unique steps you take before triggering the teleport?

Thanks all. In the meantime, if you run into this issue and need to get ZC responsive again, you should be able to force-close and then reopen Zwift Companion to return things to normal.