Zwift companion information shared

can data such as HR and watts be shared in ZC

What do you mean by ‘shared’? I already see the HR and watts of others when I look at their rides.

do you mean live data while you’re riding if you click on someone who is currently zwifting? like the power output and distance metrics?

my ZC feed shows distance time elevation and calories. More info (Watts and HR) is shown in a series of screen shots from the rides. the screen shots, however, do not always proved info for the complete ride. I might for, example, get a screen shot for a KOM segment and not the entire ride

no, i am looking at post ride data

Other riders can see your activity feed post ride unless you you mark your account as private.

If you are looking to share the ride to social media type platforms then if you have strava that might be a better option to share the activity that way

in that case it should be there already.

In your ZC feed you should, initially, see a screen showing a map of your ride, and some summary data (distance, time, elevation, calories) beneath. If you swipe left on the map, though, there are 3 additional screens available (as indicated by the 4, total, dots beneath the map). The first screen will show your power, cadence, and HR data for the ride (if all of that data is recorded). The second screen will show your power distribution. And the third screen will show your HR distribution.

Is this what you’re looking for?

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thank you Nigel.

i saw those dots and tried to swipe but was not getting anything. a little persistence paid off, just had to use the right touch and swipe technique.

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I have noted that the ‘swipe’ cannot be done immediately upon opening an activity. I seem to have to wait a few seconds (perhaps for something to load?) before actually being able to swipe.