Zwift Companion App duplicates photos

When I take a Zwift ride photo with the Companion App, 2 identical images appear in my Android phone’s memory. To save memory I have to go and delete 1 of all my photos. This is a time consuming bother. What do I need to set to get only a single image saved when I use the ZC’s camera?

Same here. Duplicate images (bit-execat duplicates.)

Has been like this for at least a year now.

Running Companion on HTC U11, Android 9 - images in Pictures directory, not duplicated.
Zwift App on a Win 10 PC.

This may be a clue. On my ZC, the duplicated images are all “not clean” they have all the screen info. In the pictures folder on my PC, there are duplicate images, but one is “Clean” and one has the screen info, identical to the duplicate images on my ZC. Clearly, the system is saving 2 images for each shutter press of the ZC camera, but on the smart phone both images are saved as “dirty”, while on the computer an additional process takes place that cleans one image and then save 2 images, one clean and 1 dirty.

I seem to have a little of both, sometimes the images are duplicated and sometimes they aren’t? They are never “clean” images on my phone either as @Reed_Markley points out.

Same here. Seems totally random.

But they are always duplicates on the phone, correct? Maybe clean or dirty, but always 2.

No, not always. I tested it earlier and the first one I did was two shots both with HUD, the second was just on its own with HUD.


The earliest evidence I could find was Apr. 2nd, 2019 . And nobody noticed (I haven’t… :confused:) . And if they did, it wasn’t mentioned.

And Zwift hasn’t gotten around to fixing it (or anything else related to screen captures…)