Zwift community - lack of answers too questions - can zwift sweep?

I have noticed a lot if queries in the community board not getting answers.  Probably because people dot know the answer, or the community is busy, or there is no incentive to answer.


2 ideas

i) Have a Zwift employee sweep these and answers briefly or issue links to closed topics where satisfactory answers given

ii) Offer incentives to helpful users - e.g. free membership or kits etc



Hi Matt,

We read every submission and try to answer as many as possible. Support related issues take priority. Some ideas we like to see how the community responds to with upvotes and comments. That’s the best way to get our attention :wink:

We’ve thought about a moderator program and think it’s a good idea. The platform we’re using doesn’t lend itself well to that today and we’ve got some feature requests of our own it. We’ll keep noodling on it. 

Thanks for your support!

Hi Eric,

If you need any help with moderating/community please contact me.


FYI the main community lives here :