Zwift Clubs - dead in the water?

thanks for this update @Chris.
What exactly does “next club forum update” mean? A new status update here in the forum or new features in the software?

A new status update here.

good thinking that would be nice :rofl:

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I created a new thread in the Clubs section but since there are Zwift eyes on this thread, I’ll ask here too.

Are there any known bugs in the in-ride chat feature specific to club rides? I did a small club ride earlier this week and we had issues with some people’s chats not being visible to all riders both on screen and in the companion app, but other could see all or different people’s messages.

Happened on our ride tonight too. One person couldn’t chat via the app.

If that was customizable, it sounds more like a Feature Request :smiley:

rubber banding ruined our clubs Rafa 500 first ride, To say i got my ear bitten off is a understatement , The ride leader ended up using meetups for the other 6 rides, Couldn’t the “keep everyone together” be used in events instead of rubber banding?

That’s why I am so particular about the correct naming. Most people prefer Keep together but they don’t know that there is a difference and mistakenly call it rubberbanding.


rubberbanding difference afraid to ask

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I couldn’t explain the difference to someone.

Rubber Banding keeps everyone together.
Keep Together lets the group stretch out (to a small degree) and then it pulls everyone back to together, like a rubber band would.

:man_shrugging: now how could that possibly cause confusion…


Which is used in a Training ride?

In a Group Workout? Rubberbanding.

Yes, sorry I meant a Workout ride type. Experience seems a bit different now than I remember in the past. I thought it used to be quite random where in the pack you sat during one of these, with constant moving around forward/back etc. Now the pack seems somewhat ordered, maybe in wkg sequence (highest wkgs at the front toward lowest wkgs at the rear)?

I’ll just have to try a few rides and see.
I’m under the weather so I’m just taking it easy, kind of.
Right now I’m trying using Discord.

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On Zwift we have 28 club members. But not everyone has the same goals or category.
On Gran fondo’s you can choose a category (track related ) .
All categories start togheter an they split along the way. I wanted to create a simular situation in club ride. Cat C : Volcano climb after party (3 round beach island loop + volcano climb) Cat E : 3 laps Beach island loop. (so they don’t have to do the climb). But when you create 2 grouprides. They can’t start togheter and they won’t see each other during the ride. It would be interesting to add this feature in club rides.
Ride on !

ps : When late join is open, riders don’t always get the same track. The zwifter will join the team leader , but sometimes they split up along the ride.

Hi Chris, we’re into February now and after a patient 4 weeks since your very welcome message when do you think we can expect the next forum status update to be?

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Hey Chris,
We are shooting for EOW. We have had some earlier than planned success getting a new feature close to launch and we are trying to get it buttoned up before the update.


Little bit of a teaser there… sounds like a win win to me :ride_on:

EOW=end of week?