Zwift Climb Portal [2023]

not sure that answers why there are only 2 climbs available at any single point

Because “many people find it more fun to be doing something among a populated road of other cyclists”

Same reason why they provide the gradient scaling to increase participation. Same reason for only 3 worlds available at a time.

Of course many people disagree with the reasoning which is fine, I’m not trying to defend it.

Question: How do I get access to the Climb Portal. I was on Zwift this morning, tried to find the Portal in the different menus, nothing. Is there something I did not understand about the Climb Portal ?

The Climb Portal Experience

Both Watopia and France have Climb Portals. These can be accessed from the routes menu of the Watopia or France maps, or at the bottom of the homescreen, where you’ll see an option for the month’s featured climb (located in France) and the day’s featured climb (located in Watopia).

Thank you Ian
Since the last update, impossible to scale, so everything is now so small on my tv screen.
Anyway now I know.


I rode the col de la couillole. The col had sections of 18% and even 25%. Afterwards I wanted to look up the proportion of the steep parts, and it turned out that IRL there were no such steep parts anywhere. I thought it was a fun climb to ride, don’t get me wrong. But isn’t the purpose of the ClimbPortal to simulate a climb as it is in real life? If it is not the actual profile, you can just as well randomly generate a climb and give it any name. But why pretend it’s a certain climb if the profile is wrong?

I suspect they just took some elevation data quickly. I can’t imagine they had someone riding the real climbs as well as the portal climb to check each one. (someone will come along to say they actually did I suppose).

yes that’s what it looks like

Thank you very much for the clarification :pray::grin:


This is where Fulgaz is a lot better, the gradients are usually far more accurate. The people submitting the climbs put a lot of effort into getting them accurate. Plus you have the real scenery -better than looking a bland, empty void.

Today I rode Passo Pennes (Penserjoch) which I’ve also ridden in real life. Very well done and no sudden unexpected spikes of 25% gradient. It was just like riding the real road.

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