Zwift Climb Portal [2023]

Stuff like that happens when you start opening spatial portals and other rifts in spacetime. :smile:

Features I’d like to see:
-possibility to make meetups or club events.
Sub point: within that, selection of all existing climbs
-I get that community is the name of the game, events are were it’s at. Climbing, inside outside, you’re often alone. Groups break, the pack dynamics change etc. This is what it is. Trying to force people with other people is not what I want. I’d much rather have a choice in the matter of what climb I’m going to do

Can I just say finally, some diversity from the four climbs we had before. Thank you.

-graphics, so magic roads has that random scenery so many people ask for. Agreed on the sky changing Colors being too much. Tweaks to actual color scheme vs random trees would be better IMO. Not a huge fan of the random scenery.

-sudden % changes, again, this has been tackled a long while ago by RGT users with GPXMagic. Going 2% to 12% or more is unnatural. Progressively ok, a wall in front, not as much.

Thank you have a great day.

Looks like we have two new climbs from the Vuelta just around the corner.

Portals are OK, but I’d prefer if Zwift could auto-generate a scenery from a map and put the gradient color on the elevation profile instead of the road…

Anyway - today I did Bealach na Ba, and for some reason Zwift didn’t “recognize” that I completed it. I never got any summary message after the banner and never showed up on the leaderboard, even if I rode it from start to finish. I have no idea if someone has reported this above, there’s 383 messages to read through and I don’t have time for that :stuck_out_tongue: The search function in this forum isn’t optimal either…

For any debugging purposes I have some notes and screenshots:

currently still able to steer off the side of the road and float in thin air, is this being addressed at all ?

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Charles Giradot, I agree, a hack to access the climb portal of our choice would be fantastic!

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