Zwift Click

Hello. Does a gear matter when Im using zwift click with a cassette? Can I use it in a small ring at front and 2nd easiest gear on cassette?

No, because once Zwift applies virtual gearing, your 2nd easiest gear is whatever virtual gear you select.

The small front ring is advised and which ever rear gear has the chain running straight as that is probably the quietest and less wear.

hm, yes I will be in small front ring and rear cassette gear 2nd 24 teeth I meant and then I wont change gears more because you should not, but I mean if it is fine or do I need to be in the middle of cassette at back? for me when I ride middle of cassette I get some vibrations trough pedals thats why Im asking.

I don’t have a Zwift Hub classic or Zwift Hub One so I can’t answer definitively or provide evidence about what @Mark_Gallagher has said above.

But from what I have read and seen (although I now can’t find the exact item I wanted) I ‘understand’ that you can start riding in any gear you like and the Zwift Hub will auto calibrate and convert the actual gear you start riding in into a middle gear (12 or 13) from the 24 virtual gear range available. As I read it doesn’t matter what bike or bike ratio you put on the Hub you will end up with exactly the same 24 virtual gear ratio (0.75 - 5.49). The important part to my argument/thought is that Zwift must start you in the middle of the full range of virtual gears.

Therefore, in my theory, you can start your ride and then ride constantly in your small front chain ring and 24 tooth rear cog and you will still have the full 24 virtual gear range available to you through the Click.

My test would be try it - if the ride starts you in gear 12 or 13 and you can click up 12/13 times or down 12/13 times and feel a resistance change each time then to me that is proof you have the full range of virtual gears.

HOWEVER I have read a @dcrainmaker review where he suggests a loss of available gears depending on whether he starts the auto calibration in small or big ring. If he reads this post possibly he could point out where my analysis of the Zwift Hub auto calibration is fundamentally flawed?

Where I certainly do agree with Mark is that aiming to run the Zwift Hub One on your 2nd easiest rear cog will not provide a straight chain alignment and must surely end up with rubbing on the Zwift Hub One plastic unit.

However as you are running a full cassette it should be fine just like you would use on any good hill climb ride. [ edit/afterthought - but unlike in real life where a hill generally comes to an end and you change gear, in your proposed set up you will forever be in a ‘not completely aligned chain’ configuration and this will likely bring about more chain and gear tooth wear ?)

QUESTIONS TO YOU - Do you yet have a Click? If so I’m led to believe you must therefor also have the Zwift Hub One cog? If so why don’t you fit the One Cog instead of the cassette and run the chain in a straight line from your middle rear gear and see whether you still have the vibrations through the pedals.

Thank you for your reply, yes I do have both click and cog. I will also try the cog but Iʼm pretty sure it will be the same as I believe the vibrations come from bottom bracket, even when riding uphill outside on different cassette and perfectly straight chain (small ring + middle of cassette) I get those vibrations but inside itʼs much more notable. Might be because Iʼm on 3rd wooden floor and not hard ground. Maybe buying rubber mats will help with it.

I’m no bike mechanic but if you have vibrations coming from bottom bracket that is something you should get a bike shop to fix.

From what you say if the bottom bracket is causing the vibrations in the harder gears and on hill climbs isn’t this possibly due to the extra force you are putting through the bottom bracket rather than what gear you are in.

If so aiming to use Click on your 24 cog isn’t going to work as you are hoping. Your 24 tooth cog at the moment causes no or little vibration as you are pedalling gently and exerting little/less force through bottom bracket. Using the Click you will start to change through the gears and I expect as the virtual gears get harder your vibrations will become heavier.

I recommend spending money of fixing your bike first rather than on the mats.

I got my bottom bracket fixed recently but itʼs not fully replacet. Also itʼs weird I donʼt get those vibrations in big ring.