Zwift Click can't pair? [1.53] [November 2023] [SOLVED]

We’ve aware of an issue with Zwift game version 1.53.0 where Zwift Click shift controllers are visible in the Pairing Screen, but can’t be selected. We are pausing the phased rollout of v1.53 to investigate.

We’ll keep you informed of progress as there’s news to report. If you are impacted by this issue - please let us know which OS platform you’re using with v 1.53. Thank you in advance for your patience.

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And this is exactly what justifies the (oft-maligned) phased rollout.


UPDATE November 21

We have rolled back the release of game version 1.53.0 to version 1.52.x.

Until a patch for the Click paring issue is released, version 1.52.2 (Windows only) and version 1.52.0. (all other platforms) are the latest versions.


UPDATE November 21

  • We have released v1.53.1 for Android only.
  • v. 1.52.2 is the latest for Windows.
  • v 1.52.0 is the latest for all other OS platforms.

We have have found a fix and are now testing.
We’ll resume the release next week after the US Thanksgiving holiday.


It seems that every thread I comment on tonight is “Zwiftly” closed by a member who is not even a moderator.

I’m leaving this here to seek clarity from “Zwiftstaff” as to why this member feels this is necessary and in the hope that they will state which members are granted permissions to close threads.

I disagree. An update should be available for all users. The 1.52 update had a big advantage/disadvantage for those still on 1.51.
It doesn’t matter if it is only a few days. I have not come across another game that has phased updates.

I bet the Click users currently make up .01% of the Zwift users

It just goes to highlight the poor working practices evident across this whole forum. Considered implementation of changes and pre-release testing are basic principles in any ongoing project. This seems to be one of the many things zwift struggles with. This is not an issue exclusive of the “click” updates either. Most new patches seem to break something for someone. I’m sure a member of “zwift staff will be along at some point to say they are “working on it"

Ciao Shuji,
Come mai io non ho ancora ricevuto l’aggiornamento 1.53 per Apple TV?
Grazie ciao

Everyone please note that the pairing issue with Zwift Click shift controllers has been fixed in v 1.53.2.
Phased rollout will resume today on Windows / macOS / Android.
Phased rollout for iOS / tvOS will begin tomorrow.

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Any estimate on when this will hit Android? Still unable to pair the Click on 11/29, which really makes cadence training nearly impossible and makes free rides unenjoyable.

still problem that when you pair the click the heat beat freezes at the current value on windows 10. please check this. hrm is connectet over hub one bridge. if the click is not paired, everything works fine.