Zwift Classics - Bologna Course

Is the Bologna course in a week an ITT or is draft enabled? I’ve never raced this course before.

You’re in for a treat! :rofl:

(I’m not a climber!)

It’ll be draft enabled, not that there’s much draft on that climb!

Its 2 laps however and there is quite a lot of flat involved in this , where draft ( or lack of it if you are split or isolated could be telling) . .

Its not unusual for 2 lap races to be affected by that section .

It will be interesting to ride it with a draft as 90% maybe more races here seen to be TT which is strange as multi lap it does make for an interesting tactical challenge ( quite apart from the physical one) .

It would be nice if Zwift completed the Giro Dell’Emilia circuit, to avoid the out-and-back, for multi-lap events.

Giro Dell’Emilia final 50 km (RGT)

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Shame, it’s a great TT, and one where a good change from TT bike to climb bike can actually pay dividends. Still, it will be interesting to see how it compares to having TT’d it many times.

Choosing the Shiv Disk TT bike negates need to switch to a road bike in a TT event . On a race event its difficult call , will really depend on whetther it finished on the top of the climb or the banner at the start pen as to what the best bike fr this one should be .

Road bike seems the only choice on a drafting race where you are not finishing on the first climb.

Single climb you are roughly talking 50% flat 50% climb (in time) so bike choice is debatable.
But I think any race longer than 1 climb the return downhill and flat puts road bike the clear choice

Oh without doubt , a road bike is ONLY choice , I meant should you go for a climbing machine or an aero one .

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Good summary here: Bike Frame and Wheelset Recommendations for Zwift's Bologna Time Trial Route - Zwift Insider

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Although they don’t cover the Tron bike as a compromise between an aero or climbing setup.

The Tron is mentioned within the recommendations for both light and heavy riders.

For a road bike on Bologna one direction, the best choice is still Z1, but the Scott Addict RC w/ Enve 7.8 is a better climber and close to as good overall, so if you care a bit more about the climb, then the edge is with Enve 7.8. But for the full road route, aerodynamics are a bit more important, so the edge is probably with the Z1 if you think the pace will be high on the flats.

I’m scheduling a race on the Giro dell’Emilia route on RGT. I’m surprised (not really, given Zwift’s record) that Zwift hasn’t extended the Bologna world to include the rest of the short finishing loop used in this race.