Bologna Specs

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I am currently riding the Tour De Zwift and my next stage is Bologna. I have never ridden this course so I am a rookie to it. Can someone give me some specs on it? How much climbing and what is the grade? I did not know whether to join the “A” since it is 15 miles or the “B” since it is 5 miles. My Spider Sense is telling me that if it is only 5 miles, it must be a challenging course. Thanks.

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Mind that hill…

GP Llama has top tips on Bologna here too

The A race is supposed to be 3 laps (which would be over 600 m of elevation) but on the sighnup page it’s showing only 230m. Is this a mistake? Or does it not do the climb on all 3 laps?

The A race will have 2 laps, around 472 m of elevation and 24,3 km distance.
8,1 km uphill 246 m elevation
8,1 km downhill
8,1 km uphill 246 m elevation

Welcome Sean,

2 choices - the group ride either 1 lap (Route B or C) or 2 laps (Route A)
or the race - 2 laps for all Groups A-D

As Mariusz says, for the 2 laps its up-down-up.

As Simon and Garfunkel (keen Zwifters both) once wrote about this TT “hello, lactic my old friend…”

That makes no sense though, how come the 2 laps version is 3x as long as the 1 lap version?

Also, if it’s out and back and out again (which would make sense for the distance), it would be a lot more climbing. Yet the signup page says its just 236m (a single ride).

It does.

1 lap is from the stat banner to the KOM = 8km
2 Laps isf rom the stat banner to the KOM 8km then down back to the start 8km then from the start to the KM 8km.


One lap is 240m climb, two will be 480m

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I’m pretty sure you’re right about the ride begin start->kom->start->kom, which would make it the 24.3km that it says.

What Zwift probably does is not count the kom->start part as a lap or anything, which basically makes it this:
start->kom, 1 lap
kom->start, not counted
start->kom, 1 lap

This still doesn’t account for the height of this ride being 240m, while it will actually be double.

A lap is defined as Start to KOM. So riding back to the start is not counted as a lap. A lap End at the KOM so 2 laps will take you to the KOM twice.

Yes that is a typo.