Zwift Cannonball Run Feature by using Google Maps?

After my first month of using Zwift couple years ago, I wondered why Zwift hasn’t offered a world where you can ride actual street routes. It definitley would be more exciting to ride a loop around the city of Manhattan, New York. With exception to known structures like Empire State Building and/or World Trade Center, Zwift could use their own descriptions for other buidlings, but the actual street routes would be right from Google Maps. Just imagine riding on the FDR Drive, WestSide Highway, Brooklyn Bridge, loop around Central Park or another city like Los Angeles(Hwy-1). Can Zwift do this? Can we say, CANNONBALL!!!

I’m not clear on what you’re suggesting, but Zwift already uses real-life accurate maps for Central Park in New York, for Richmond (Virginia, not London), parts of Central London, Glasgow and Innsbruck