Zwift and Tacx Booster

Ok here we go…

Got Tacx Booster, Macbook Pro, Garmin cadence sensor and Garmin heart rate monitor.

Is all I now need an Ant+ ?


Yes, all you need is an ANT+ USB dongle for the Macbook Pro and also get a USB extension cable to get the dongle closer to the trainer. The Tacx Booster will work as a dumb trainer with zPower in game and will not increase or decrease resistance on hills but it will work. Have fun

Thanks Mark
Now i ride with my tacx booster, and all works
Just fine…except I get quite high watt and +5-10 km/hour from irl with Resistance at level 2 ?


Make sure the tires are pumped up to 110psi. What size tire is on your bike?