Zwift and banking collapses

With a bunch a VC and startups having issues with the recent banking collapse, are we sure that Zwift is safe? Looks like a lot from regional Californian banks to Credit Suisse are struggling or being taken over by the fed.

Can’t say that is what worries me.

However, to answer the question. All deposits have been guaranteed. So if they, Zwift, have cash there they should have been very worried over the weekend as everything above 250 was uninsured. Then relieved as FED and treasury stepped in to guarantee all deposits and accounts were free to access again on Monday. No impact on them accessing their cash. Assuming they had an account there.

So no, this in it self has no direct impact on Zwift. Nor any other company.

No link between the 2. This is not the first time there is this kind of situation, they have been accumulating problems for a few years, certainly it weakens them but Credit Suisse will never sink since it is always helped by the banks central and public authorities because it is one of the 30 largest banks in the world. For Zwift too much money in marketing expenses and here is the result it is very sad for the employees. Will the arrival of Kurt Beidler change anything, I don’t know… but in any case, certain things will have to be reviewed, especially regarding the development of the application, because honestly there’s a lot of work because we don’t accumulate Lots of problems and it gets really annoying. It seems that there will be a price increase, I am willing to pay 5 euros more provided that there is a big improvement in the software. RIDE ON !!!

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Glad that Zwift is safe on this front. I’m not willing to pay anymore until there is some mega improvements to the game. Never mind summer is just around the corner and I’m canceling the sub until next winter since there is no annual plan at a discounted rate.

Slightly off topic here but…It’s “amazing” that all of the money that came into and was laundered through Credit Suisse in the 1930’s-40’s has created a bank that’s too big to fail but not one that has been able to successfully and ethically navigate the waters. :sweat_smile: Looks like there is a wide swath of liquidity to the banking industry at the toon of about $2T coming in though. I wonder how many golden parachutes are about to be handed out?