Down again today -- lost ride data

  1. Eric should apologize.

  2. Grandfathering should be extended by 6 months for each down time with more than 50 riders active that lasts for more than 2 minutes.

  3. The price increase should be postponed in the same way.

  4. No Zwift board member or employee should except any stock buy back before the company goes public.

It seems to be up now.

Did everyone get “dropped” or just you?

Ok, it seems there was an issue with Zwift earlier, but I see a lot of people riding and running right now and the issue is being reported as resolved.

Yessss, servers come back and momentary capacity loss is increased.  That’s still being down for some users. The outage appeared to last nearly 10 minutes.  An outage needn’t affect every concurrent user.  You must have internal logs that show this.

If the outage occurred while someone was in the game, which runs locally, users would lose updates from other riders.  If the outage window overlaps with the end of the ride, then the ride statistics can’t be uploaded because the servers can’t accept them.

When service or capacity was restored, my ride was recorded as 40 minutes when I completed 59 minutes.  So, things must have been down around 20 minutes or so.

The response of customers would be better if you were just transparent about problems.  It’s not the end of the world, but denying then correcting has bad optics.

A simple, “There was a problem.  We’re sorry.  We’re working on it.” would mute most criticism, mine included.

People like Zwift.  I like Zwift.  But, you are still in a period of winning back some trust and faith. How hard is that?

They did post on Facebook and Twitter that their was an issue, yes I agree they should also post it on their forums/website.

Regarding compensation, does your electricity supplier and mobile network supplier compensate for down time? Mine don’t. I therefore don’t expect any compensation from Zwift. However if Zwift was down for say a day or more then yes I would expect some form of compensation but certainly not 6 months for free. That’s nuts.

Didn’t say free. Just postpone price increase. I don’t think they’ll do that unless people start quitting. That isn’t happening. It’s bad optics to increase prices at the same service issues seem to be increasing.

Please escalate the capability to upload *.fit files for lost progress due to service outages. In the meantime, please hack up some sort of admin tool in the background so Zwift support can assist paying customers while the official feature is being developed.

Thank you.