Zwift Academy Tri Progression

Hey everyone,

I’ve recently started messing around with the Zwift Academy Tri workouts and am enjoying them but not sure how to add reps to progress. For instance, on the “70.3 Development” ride, towards the end it suggests that a good progression goal would be 8-10 reps of the main set for that workout.

Does Zwift automatically progress the workouts for you, as you do them more regularly, or is there a way for me to manually adjust the workout? I did the 70.3 Development ride yesterday alone and then today as part of a brick session but would like to up it a little bit.

  • Steve
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Nope, it does not. That was suggestions of how you can do it yourself.

You can copy the workout from the folder (where you select it to train) and edit it.

Thanks for the response and suggestion! I’ll do that and get after it!

Ride on!