Tri Academy Workout Extensions

Hello everybody!

I have a few questions in mind regarding the ZWIFT tri academy workouts.
For example the first run workout the progressive tempo it says that if you want to make it harder you can add a few more intervals to progress through such a workout or make it longer.

Is there a way to build it on ZWIFT since you cant really make custom workouts on ZWIFT or make an extension of these workouts?


Not sure why you say the functionality is not there…(?)

But you can create a new workout in Zwift and it resides in your “custom workout” folder. And even better - you can start off by copying any existing workout and just tweaking/extending that.

Hi Christo,

Thanks for your reply but can you please elaborate more on how you can do that?
Im using an Ipad when running and also on mac when cycling but anyway I cant see how its possible to do that still yet. I know how to sync custom cycling workouts you can draw via TrainingPeaks.

If you can share a link I would be very grateful especially for the running workouts as they are way too short but extremely useful!


Hi Rash,

I do not have a link, but will describe quickly from memory what I do (also using iPad):

  • I go into the Zwift app as if I am going for a run/ride.
  • Then to the (select) “training” screen.
  • Select workouts at the top, not training plans.
  • Navigate to the workout you want to copy
  • Click on the workout to highlight it - you will then see a “copy” icon (two pages) appear on the right-hand side of the highlighted portion.
  • Click on that copy icon. This will open the copied version of the workout in the workout editor. You can save as is or do your changes and save. Your copied/changed workout then reside in a “custom workouts” folder.

It was a bit from memory, but it is that simple! Hope it helps… Feel free to ask if I missed a step or something is not clear.

Take a look at this:

Thanks everybody for your help. I really like zwofactory and if anybody needs to see how you can transfer the workout file to your ipad you can have a look at this youtube video (just realised I cant share a youutube link but the title is Zwift Tips: How to Create Zwift Custom Workouts on Your iOS Device)
Still havent tried it myself but seems like it works like a charm!