Zwift Academy Tri 2020 Issues

I’m having the opposite problem. I’m being credited for events (bike workouts, run races) that I have not done.

Having now correlated my Strava, ZwiftPower and Zwift Companion, to be precise, in the last few days, you’ve incorrectly credited me ZA Tri Bike WO#2 and WO#5, and also ZA Tri Run Race. I will do these sessions for my own personal happiness, but I imagine other people may be seeing this.

I would just finish the academy Tri and if you haven’t gotten all the unlocks then I would complain

It’s the other way round! I’ve already got the unlocks without having done the workouts.
I’m keeping track of everything I’ve done so I will complete ZA Tri, just like I’ve completed ZA Road.

I cant event see races to enter… completed all of the workouts but no races come up as options to enter. Super.

If you are looking in ZCA - filter set?

Yes, using the filters I’m seeing pretty much no ZA Tri races, next one I see is 9:40pm GTM on a thursday… surely there are more options/times available…

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I Completed session 3 on the bike today and it doesn’t show up in my Strava record. Is that part of the bug as well? Pretty frustrating.

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I can’t believe I’m paying for this garbage.

Does the TT race need to be done on the Shov fisc bike to count? Description is a bit mysterious and while my race has logged as complete I didnt select Shiv disc :face_with_raised_eyebrow: better repeat?

Instead of including any Focus Izalco bikes by update because there is a sponsorship you can try to fix the ZA issues. All those 30k people ridin every weekends are the most important sponsors you have. This is really bad customer experience.

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I have the same issue. I completed the 5km running race, my status bar says 100% completed in companion but the running race is not ticked off.

How do I check if I have gratuated zwift academy?

They can’t even be bothered to respond to this thread.