Zwift Academy Profile Not Eligible

Hi !

I’m struggling to register for ZA Road.
I got that message but I don’t know what to do… My profile is completed

“Your profile is not eligible for registration, please update your info in profile to continue.”

Can someone help me ? the registrations are closing today and I would like to be involved as I recieve my HT in two days.

Thanks !


Same here, no solution yet.

Zwift ambassador asked me to make sure that I didn’t try to enroll in female ZA, which was not the case.

So I’m also not able to enroll :disappointed:

And so…? Nothing more from the Ambassador ?

I’m also trying to register for the Men ZA Road

Same here. Nothing worked so far :confused: Strangely I can still register for Triathlon

This is exactly what is happening to me. I cannot sign up for road, but I can sigh up for the Tri.

Same here. I cannot sign up for Road bit I can for Tri…

Idem pour moi, profil inéligible :astonished:. Pas d’explication

Same problem, I’m registered for Run and Tri already but it wont let me register for road.

Hi guys, Registration for the Road Zwift Academy closed on November 1, 2020, by 11:59pm PST.

Yes but I tried before the deadline and it was that problem…

I also tried before the deadline on Sunday… Same issue. Registered for ZA Tri though

They must be kidding :smiley:
First reply I got was :

'After taking a look at your account, it looks like you were able to resolve this issue and activate your membership.' I wasnt asking about activating my membership, it wasnt mentioned anywhere on my mail.

When I said so the second reply I got was this :
' If you want to register for the Zwift Academy Road please go to this page: []('

Thank you, because I emailed just out of not being able to find where the page was on your website.
Worst customer support I have ever seen in a long while.

I am mailing them once more, just for the fun of it, to see if they ever read anything, and if, how many mails they need to get there. :smiley:

I see this was never resolved, which is unfortunate. I just used my drops to buy the frame that would have been unlocked in ZA Road. My thought is a coding error, which locked all of us out too early.