ZA 2021 - Your profile is not eligible for registration, please update your info in profile to continue

Hi guys… this fun little pop-up has appeared again… sadly I couldnt find any further information on this. If anyone from Zwift could share some knowledge what is required - that would be swell

Well, the last time I saw this was when people tried to sign up to Zwift Academy for 2021 using the old 2020 web page.

As the deadline for signing up for 2021 has passed (27 Sep 2021) I would assume you are seeing this pop-up for the same reason, the deadline has passed so you cannot register anymore. You should be able to just do a Zwift Academy event though and that will automatically register you.

The above is based on assumptions though as you have provided very little information to know the exact issue. For example, where are you seeing this little pop-up? Companion app, in game, on a webpage?

Hi @_belgiantanlines welcome to Zwift forums.

What @Aoi_Niigaki said is correct - this error came up because registration period for the 2021 Academy has ended.

You are welcome to participate in the workouts, however. They can even be done on demand (as opposed to waiting for them to be on the event calendar) in the Training > Workouts section of the home page.