Signed up for ZA Road, but Get ZA Tri on Zwift

I signed up for Zwift Academy Road and have the confirmation email showing that I signed up for ZA Road, however when I log into Zwift, I get Zwift Academy Tri on the screen, not Road.

I checked my email and there is no registration confirmation for ZA Tri.

If I try to re-register for ZA Road, I get, “Your profile is not eligible for registration, please update your info in profile to continue.”

Does anyone know how to correct this?

Have you tried doing a Zwift Academy Road workout (from the training menu) or registered for a Zwift Academy Road event?

I have the option for the 8 ZA 202 workouts 0, and can register for the events. but would like to make certain that I get credit for completing the ZA Road, not ZA Tri, since I don’t run. The Zwift login screen shows me doing ZA Tri not ZA Road.

You are signed up for Zwift Academy Road. Do workout 1 and you’ll see that you get credit. If not then you can post back here.

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Awesome, thanks :slight_smile:
Thanks for clearing that up.

No go. Just finished ZA Rode workout #1 and no change. It shows on my Zwift Activity Feed, but still shows on the login screen that I am doing ZA Tri, and nothing about the ZA Road workout I just finished.

Are you saying that you see the image below on your Zwift app screen after you have logged in and paired devices? If so, you’re simply seeing the ad for joining ZA Tri. And even if you also join the Tri Academy, your Road events count for the Road Academy.

And another way to see your progress is to use your web browser to follow this link: Road Academy dashboard.

No, I see the one showing my progress on the ZA Tri.

Z Academy Tri

Zwift Academy Tri is in session. The finish line is in sight!..

0/10 Workouts, 0/2 Races, 0% Complete.

Going to that link, I only get the option to register for ZA Road again, I do not see ZA Road progress.

If I try to re-register, I get the error message, “Your profile is not eligible for registration, please update your info in profile to continue.”

As noted previously, I have the email showing that I registered for ZA Road.

It sounds like you need to send that registration confirmation email to Zwift Support.

Hi Steve_1506: I completed all 8 workouts, and more than the 4 group/segment/race requirements. I followed that link, but that page still shows multiple omissions in my record of completions. I reported this multiple times during the course of the Academy, but no joy. In fact the service from what seemed a third party was polite, but incompetent.

How do I get the ZAmens dashboard to reflect my correct metrics?