Zwift Academy 2023 Accuracy requirements

I want to buy a new smart trainer. Does anyone know what accuracy is required for the swift academy 2023?

I haven’t seen rules published for 2023, but last year it was +/- 2%

That would appear to exclude the Zwift Hub (+/- 2.5%) but most of the good mainstream direct-drive trainers and smart bikes should be sufficient (Wahoo Kickr Core or better, Tacx Neo 2T, Saris H3/H4, Wattbike, Elite Direto XR or better, etc).

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If anyone at Zwift reads the Terms & Conditions carefully I would be very surprised if 2% didn’t move to 2.5% this year.


I’m not sure of your cycling ability.

I believe the Terms & Conditions shown above are only for those looking to win the chance of a Pro contract.

If you just wish to undertake the Zwift Academy this can usually be done on any trainer, smart or otherwise.


This. I took part this year on a cheaper smart trainer.

Pro contract seekers must have dual power recording and outdoor recording as well.
You’ll also need a passport for the semi-finals.

Hi @Jajuele welcome to Zwift forums.

As others have noted - unless you intend to compete for the grand prize of a pro contract - most any smart trainer will let you experience the challenges of the workouts and races we have planned. Also as noted - there are other requirements for those competing for the pro contract.

And yes @Ian_Attoe for the 2023 ZA, we will allow trainers with a power accuracy of +/- 2.5%, which includes the Zwift Hub. Given the other requirements candidates will need to meet, we’ll still get the end results needed with +/- 2.5% trainer accuracy.