Zwift Academy 2023 Accuracy requirements

I want to buy a new smart trainer. Does anyone know what accuracy is required for the swift academy 2023?

I haven’t seen rules published for 2023, but last year it was +/- 2%

That would appear to exclude the Zwift Hub (+/- 2.5%) but most of the good mainstream direct-drive trainers and smart bikes should be sufficient (Wahoo Kickr Core or better, Tacx Neo 2T, Saris H3/H4, Wattbike, Elite Direto XR or better, etc).

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If anyone at Zwift reads the Terms & Conditions carefully I would be very surprised if 2% didn’t move to 2.5% this year.


I’m not sure of your cycling ability.

I believe the Terms & Conditions shown above are only for those looking to win the chance of a Pro contract.

If you just wish to undertake the Zwift Academy this can usually be done on any trainer, smart or otherwise.


This. I took part this year on a cheaper smart trainer.

Pro contract seekers must have dual power recording and outdoor recording as well.
You’ll also need a passport for the semi-finals.

Hi @Jajuele welcome to Zwift forums.

As others have noted - unless you intend to compete for the grand prize of a pro contract - most any smart trainer will let you experience the challenges of the workouts and races we have planned. Also as noted - there are other requirements for those competing for the pro contract.

And yes @Ian_Attoe for the 2023 ZA, we will allow trainers with a power accuracy of +/- 2.5%, which includes the Zwift Hub. Given the other requirements candidates will need to meet, we’ll still get the end results needed with +/- 2.5% trainer accuracy.


I know it is still early, but when will we get more info?
Usually, people ask if they should schedule a full ftp test.
Also, who is designing the workouts this year?
Will there be any baseline test rides like last year?

Hi Shuji,

It appears that when I click on this week’s Zwift academy workout that it gives me power data from when I raced a bike. I am currently on a handcycle ( after developing a focal lower leg dystonia) so my figures are now somewhat lower. Given I know what I can hold for different lengths efforts on the handcycle, is there a way of resetting current power zones? Also, I’m just after something to follow with the kit unlock at the end, not the pro contract!

You can edit your FTP for workouts on your profile in the game, so that’s easily fixed. Note this is not your profile on the website - it’s in one of the menus on the upper right part of the home screen in the game.

You can’t edit your zFTP for race categorization but if you’ve been putting out lower power numbers for 90+ days that would reset it. You can see those numbers on your profile on the website (

I was going to say the same as Paul but he beat me to it.

I’m not sure how many workouts you have done but possibly a little more helpful information.

Even though you will have set your FTP at a realistic number there may be days when your workout feels to easy or hard. If that is the case you can increase/decrease the intensity as you are riding:

If you are riding with in game keyboard/mouse/touch pad nearby you can bring up the Action Bar and adjust intensity/power in increments of 1% from 75% - 125%.

Alternatively, and possibly easier, if you are riding with Zwift Companion App close by you can adjust the bias using it.

Many thanks for your quick reply :+1:

Thanks for your added information Ian :+1:I’m using a roller so it’s basic and means I’m only using gears and chain rings for adjusting resistance!