How to Improve Accuracy with BalanceFrom Trainer

Hey everyone!

Very new to Zwift, and returning to cycling after a very long time. I am giving Zwift a try and starting out on a budget so picked up the recommended dumb trainer on Amazon from BalanceFrom, as well as the wahoo cadence and speed sensors. However it looks like there aren’t any power curves for this trainer, and so I am unsure if I am getting an accurate zPower reading. Any suggestions, or experience with this trainer? I do hope to upgrade to a smart trainer this coming year.


Hey Stuart!

A few points:

  • Can you link to the specific trainer?

  • Do you have an HR monitor? You could simply ride with the speed and cadence sensors and HR and ignore power.

  • There’s an app called qzDomyos that acts as a bridge between a lot of different “un-smart” trainers and Zwift. You might try that, as well as reaching out to the developer, Roberto Viola. He seems extremely passionate about helping people connect fitness equipment to Zwift.

  • If the above doesn’t work, consider looking for a used Tacx Flow or Vortex Smart; I’ve heard of people finding them for as little as 100€/$ on local classified ads which I’m guessing isn’t much more than what you’d have paid for the BalanceForm. (if you’re within the return period for the dumb trainer you wouldn’t have that sunk cost)

Invest in some power pedals…You can use them outside and on the trainer and would negate the need of the trainer curve.