ZRL Finals in Scotland - No access for recon or fan view

All three of the ZRL Finals races are in Scotland — a world which can’t be accessed through meetups. This is an issue because teams can’t create meetups for recon and TTT practice in preparation and their supporters can’t watch them race. Is there a planned work around for this?


I’ve been told that Scotland will be available for organizers on March 8th, tomorrow, but not sure if that includes meetups and club events?

It’s available for organisers already: Events

This doesn’t inlcude meetups and clubs though - that will happen next release.

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Good to know. Curious choice of ZRL to use routes that teams can’t access for prep though.

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That’s fair feedback.

We wanted to use the new routes - I think they’re great for racing, but completely accept that doing a recon is difficult without the ability to free ride/meetup this week, although we did run hourly events on those routes for 4 weeks.

yeah, honestly I got sick of rolling highlands…

Thanks. Understood and not the biggest deal except TTT. On a related note, is there a team car for DSing finals and specifically the TTT? I heard there may not be but couldn’t get a clear answer as I am not on Facebook.

There is in the parent event that I created.


no it’s not. changing my social ride no Scotland routes are populated.


Changing All cats at once on our race next sunday even worse the webpage errors

and ps yeah fanviewing is so annoying I completely missed a race tonight as unable to get companion synced. I don’t see why you need to be in game mode to choose a rider to fanview. This should be in game or available without having to be in game mode as companion knows you are online.

The whole fanview/ds experience is poor it would be great if every event had a fanview/ds option.