Race feature requesta

Hi, really excited about the new ZRL/WTRL leagues. Massive and fun step forward to make eRacing fun for the community.

3 feature that would make life even better:

  1. Upgrade to fan view direct from Companion. The TdF commentatior view used by Eurosport was great and people will want to watch and support their teams. It’s really inaccessible currently

  2. Finish line recaps. Think the last 30 seconds of a final sprint or last kilometer in a race with a breakaway or sprint forming. Either recordable clips (like xbox) or ‘finish cam’ replays

  3. Have a second view of finishing times on Companion - with and without cat rules. The current one could stay, but have a separate finish board tab using the Zwiftpower rules (eg 95% of 20 mins power or actual cat) applied. That way, it doesn’t discourage noobs to give it a try, but you get a racers view too. Painful when you finish 10th on Companion but get a podium on count back on zwiftpower; just show it directly and it doesn’t discourage new joiners