ZRacing Monthly Missions

Hi @manda_F :slight_smile:

How are you? :wink: Can you assist us in this request, please? :slight_smile:

Thank you so much in advance!!

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Hello James, the stage 5 event Tuesday 29th 6:10am UK time (07:10 CET) is missing . I know it’s late, but have every confidence in you and your team. Thanks, Trevor.


Adding the missing stage 5 event (it’s at 10:10pm PDT) would be great for us folks in the West Coasts Americas, hoping to get one last late ride in.


September’s mission has been added to this post:

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@manda_F, good afternoon!!

Please help us!! Can you add the last stage (Stage 5) of ZRacing of August for tomorrow, 29th august at 6:10 am UK time?
We have a Team named EVO Aurora and we race at that hour every week and it is the only time we can do it…

Heeeelppppp pleeaseeee :smiley:

Thank you so much in advanceeee!!!

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@Vonita.The.Evil.Twin - I flagged this to our team to see if this is an option and I will update once I have more information :slight_smile:

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@manda_F, thank you so muuuuchhh!! :heart_eyes: @James_Zwift helped us last month with a similar situation! Hope your team can help us :wink:

Thank you once agaaain!!! :pray:

@manda_F, thank you so much! Race is on Zwift Companion and Auroras are signing up!! :smiley:

See you soon!

Hey @manda_F , were the other “missing” times also added? Personally I’m looking for the 18:10 EST (I think that’s 22:10 UTC?) race later today. Thanks in advance!

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Hi @manda_F :wink: the results from Stage 5 at 06.10 am UK on Tuesday 29th, that your team kindly added back in, do not appear on ZwiftPower in the League #Race The Worlds… we all appear with 4 races instead of 5…
Could this be something to do with them having been added late?

Thank you so much!

There’s always been a 6:10 UTC ZRacing event on Wednesday mornings, I think. But not one tomorrow, is this an oversight or decision?


@manda_F or @James_Zwift or any other person from Zwift Staff :slight_smile: we need some assistance in this topic… our classification for League Race The Worlds is not correct… can you please assist us? Is there any info you need to correct the situation?

Thank you so much!!

Hi Amanda

I was looking to sign up to Stage 3: Get Rolling - London Classique for tomorrow morning, Wed 20 Sept at 7:10 CET but it seems to be missing from the schedule. Any chance of adding it in?


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Is that 06.10 UK time? It was there last Wednesday?
Be great if Amanda or James could add this in….


@manda_F or @James_Zwift is this something either of you can help with?

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The October Mission has been added to this post:

Monday’s 18:10 (Zwift Community Live streamed one) has not been added to the overall GC

November’s series has been added to this post:

Does everybody get the Tron every race this month ? If so its a hard skip for me this whole month.

Dont see any reason to give a tron to anyone who hasnt earned it the hard way.

And I worked my ■■■■ off this ToW to get from level 38 to level 42 to get the DT sisc wheels to have an advantage on those trons and now I cant use them.

I’ve only looked at today’s 1710 GMT event, but it does look like everyone gets the Tron.

Personally I wish more races would standardise frames and especially wheels, just because I’m level 45 having used Zwift for about five years, it shouldn’t mean I get a virtual frame/wheel advantage in races over those relatively new to Zwift.