zPower readings far too high

Just updated and now im getting really high power readings, like 7-8w/kg
Ive got a Cyclops JetFluid on Zpower.
Never had this issue before the Richmond update.
Ive uninstalled and reinstalled, unplugged the ANT+ and replugged and yes, restarted the computer.
What else can I try?

Having the same issue on Cycleops Super Mag L2.

I have a Blackburn Tech Fluid, and I feel like my speeds are way too high. I understand that the resistance unit takes a little time to warm up, but even after the unit is fully warmed up and i feel the resistance increase, the numbers are still way too high. if i compare the same effort on a flat in real life, vs a flat in game, i’m way faster in game… does zwift simlulate wind resistance?

is there a way to adjust my zPower DOWN? anyone else using the same trainer have issue or do i have a defective resistance unit? the only work around i can think of is to add 10kg to my weight…

I’m using Cyclops fluid, having same issue.  speeds are way too high and showing too much power.  I have heart rate, speed, and cadence sensors.  No power sensor.  How can I try to align more accurately?

I am having same issue with Elite Turbomuin - 1200W power!!!