ZPower Podium in TdZ and A/A+ Rankings?

Top two spots for TdZ makeup today were ZP, but still got podium places on Zwiftpower. I don’t mind them being part of the rides that aren’t races, but it still is a bit weird how something as seriously regarded as ZwiftPower doesn’t make this apparent from the default screen (eg they got the top two spots). On top of this, both riders are categorized as A/A+ riders and they have Zpoints on their profiles even though all of their legitimate races are ZP disqualifications (A/A+ and power rankings coming from their group rides).

It would make more sense to have separate leaderboards on Zwiftpower that clearly indicate whether or not ZP is in play for any kind of group ride. Also, a no-brainer is to not have them be eligible for Zpoints.

Some races/rides don’t dq Zwiftpower riders. The Zwift rides has no filters setup.

Thanks for the quick reply! That makes sense, but what’s a little strange is that those rides being counted contribute to their ZPoints/ranking and rider classification into the A/A+ category with no mention on their profile that they’re ZP aside from their DQs. Also it isn’t clear on the main results page that they’re ZP. It would be nice to have separate leaderboards regardless.