Zombie Apocalypse Map for interval training

This will sound crazy, but it would be fun to have a map with a fixed start/end and groups of zombie at set intervals. When you enter the zombie area, you have to go harder depending on how many nasty zombies there are and how fast they are. If you go too slow, the zombies smack you and you go slower. To avoid getting eaten, you’d have to push harder to escape that area.
Getting hit by zombies would affect your speed for the whole workout or for a set amount of time.

It would make doing intervals more and feel less repetitive.

Love it…

We have some users decreeing the end of the world is here because there’s a draft boost pickup that “ruins the game”, and here you want us to create an actual end of the world mode!! :slight_smile:

With a small user base we’re trying to tread carefully so that one experience can appease the majority. As we get bigger I imagine we’ll have enough user mass to risk dividing them by having a “gamey” server and a more “competition” server running side by side.

The sky is the limit with this stuff.

Jon you just hit the nail on the head by saying its a game so why are people thinking this is just another virtual training app?To have zombie riders snarling and gnashing thier teeth at me will push me harder and faster than some steven hawkings sounding voice saying ‘‘speed up’’…

if zwift released a map maker, I’d happily make the map :slight_smile:

Totally understand the need to balance gamey vs competition. I ride for fun and joy, so competition isn’t something I think about or care. Though I do have friends who are competitive and understand the draw for them.

I like this idea! Indoor riding software has “mental distraction” at the core of what it can do.

TV, music, movies, software… none of them pedal for you. None of them change ANYTHING other than what you think about. The workout is all happening (or not) regardless of the “distractions”.

So…why should the distractions be realistic? I’m all for Zwift rides having an element that cannot exist anywhere other than in Zwift. I’ll take zombies, unrealistic physics (flying), riding through the mall…

Let’s go crazy and get cross-platform integration… I’d like to ride through somebody’s Grand Theft Auto game, straight into Mario’s world, and finish up riding a Scwhinn banana-seat bike on an episode of Seinfeld! I’ll take imagination over a chance to have my ass handed to me by spandex-wearin’ AIs.