Interval training type routes.

(Jonathan Cooke) #1

I know these are early days and new courses are eagerly awaited.

I would like to see customization of maps.

For instance i ride the Zwift island route, i take it easy most of the time and really hammer the KOM to the best of my ability, i do this every lap, like hill repeats, it gives me something to aim for and encourages me to make the extra effort.

I want to make my own routes with shorter/longer duration between hills and longer/shorter hills depending on what sort of training i am looking for.

This way i could select say 2 minutes hard climbing effort followed by 5 minutes coast and Zwift would generate just such a map to approximate this for me

I realize i could do this myself by timing my own intervals, but hitting the foot of a hill at just the right moment in my interval effort would give the extra encouragement of beating my PB or taking someones KOM.

(Eric Eddy) #2

Since interval training is focused on power, the route in this virtual world is near meaningless. What would be much more effective, is the ability to preset your interval target numbers. 15 minute warmup, then time and power targets, the number of repeats, and a cool down. Some visual and audio feedback. Countdowns, audio indicators of too high or too low on the power target.
The current course offers some options for some intervalish work, but structured intervals would have more interest on something that bikes don’t normally get to ride on. Daytona or Talladega Speedway, with drag strip style light icons for interval prep… 3…2…1… Red…Yellow…Green, GO. A speedo style power indicator, with a Red Line for too much power, and a buzzer for too little during the ON interval, then something tranquil for the recovery. For 200 meter sprint intervals, put checkered flag finish lines down, and do similar count downs for sprinting. Sprint every other 200 meters, or sprint 200, sit up for 400…repeat. Then uploading to Strava that you just did intervals at Daytona International Speedway!
Add the layers of unique interest to the otherwise boring and/or dreaded indoor training sessions.