Interval or workout mode

Guys.  Interval mode is a crucial area for development to ensure capturing the largest customer base.  However don’t simply duplicate what has already done.  i believe that we will push harder with a target pacing us.  Perhaps it’s a coach on a motorbike or simply a bot that can be captured at the end of the interval if power output is successful.  Use your strengths here and make something innovative and immersive.  Thanks for your consideration.  

Have you seen this yet?


Jon I have and thanks for the quick response.  Perhaps I am missing this but I would like to see a target to catch that serves also to pace out the interval.  This way you can forget about watching your power and concentrate on other aspects of the ride.  Nothing allows you to detach from the powrmeter today during interval training.  A bot set at a presubscribed and configurable power output would serve that purpose perfectly.  Again this is just another way to distract from the pain perception.  

Agree totally!

Where do I sign up?  I’m sold.  You had me at hello.

Agree about the target, rather than having to watch a power number like you do in other systems, have a bot rider in front of you who you have to stay with, so long as you stay behind them, you don’t even need to look at what you are doing.

This idea of a bot synced to the intervals would be a game changer, and make the interval training one of a kind. a rabbit to chase will feel so much more natural! I think this would have far more use than the personal best bot that is being planned and should be prioritized