ZHR Weekender?

Anyone know what happened to the ZHR Masters Weekender UTC 15:00 race on ZwiftPower ? It seems to have been rendited out of the ZwiftPower History page.

Been wondering myself. No sign of it whatsoever. Although time for Yorkshire kom during it has been recorded on zpoints on zwift power.

If you look at the history tab on the events page on ZP around the 15:00 UTC on Sunday 23 there nothing there, as if it never existed. Unfortunately I didn’t check the event on ZP before it started so I don’t know if ever was there, or if it disappeared later.

Seems a bug “disappears” events now and then these days but @xflintx has added these back in the past when made aware.

If he doesnt see this thread, flick an email to zwiftpower@zwift.com with events details and request he/they restore it.

If the event isn’t in ZwiftPower, but you have the event ID, i.e. 2093577 you can navigate to this link:


There isn’t a secret to add if it’s a publicly available event, so just pop the event ID in there and click “Submit” and the event should be back on the site!


Where do you find the event Id ?

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I’ve tried every event id from
https: slash zwiftpower dot com slash events.php?zid=2091237 to zid=2091244 which seem to be in sequential order and are from 14:45 to 15:05 UTC but it doesn’t appear in that sequence.

Possibly made a secret event by accident? 2091240 says cannot be accessed with that secret key when you enter the number without a secret key

I checked the ZHR facebook group and they also have a thread there about this. I have now added the above findings to the fb thread in case anyone there can cast some light on it.

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The plot thickens. I hope it gets sorted as two hours full gas is a bit different to doing a crit city race or a 10 mile TT and it would be nice to have a record of it on Zwift Power.

My thoughts exactly. Sods law it happens on a race I happened to have great legs :joy:. Maybe if someone from ZHR could have applied at things incase it’s been made private by accident

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@xflintx any update on this or anyway to contact race organiser. It’s as if they have made the race private as the data has been recorded.

All sorted now and on zwift power


Great news, thanks.