ZCA Events on Home Screen

I must have missed it - when did the ZCA Events on the home page change from the events I’m signed up for to ANY upcoming activities? Terrible for those who try to plan in advance!

Just an update: I contacted Zwift support and received this response, “Nothing has been changed as far as I can see in the Companion App. My Companion App Home Screen shows events I have signed up for under the events heading on the home page and I still need to click on the events tab at the bottom to open up the main event feed.”

My response to that was, “ Even after deleting the app and reinstalling it - the events on my home screen tab under the events heading correspond to the next 5 events in chronological order when I scroll through them just as they appear in the events tab.”

Is anyone else seeing this on their home tab of the ZCA? I am running the ZCA App Version 3.45.0 (1423), Server Version 1.320.0 on an iPhone XR, iOS version 16.4.1.

So - I removed all my scheduled events and then signed up again for those four events I had originally signed up for. For whatever reason, that fixed it and the events I signed up for now show up like normal under the event header. Who knows?