'My Events' filter in companion app

Not sure if I’m missing something obvious, but I can’t see a way to filter to show only events I’m signed up for? There are events days ahead I’ve signed up to that I like to keep an eye on, whether it be races or rides I’m leading. Seems crazy to scroll through day’s of events to find them again, rather than a ‘My Events’ view/filter!? Doesn’t sound complex to implement…

If you are already signed up for an event it will up in the ‘Activities’ section of the Home page in the Companion app with a green ‘Going’ message in the corner. If you are signed up for multiple events the next event for which you are signed up will show on the Home page with the green ‘Going’ message, and you can find the next event for which you are signed up by swiping left.

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I never knew (or even tried!) the swipe thing, doh! Awesome, thanks Nigel :pray:t3:

(though it would still be quite cool to see them in a chronological list, by way of a filter - as they don’t seem to show in activities! Maybe I’m asking too much…)

Activities section of the Companion App only shows me past events.

On the home page of CA it does show my next event in the “Events” section, but I agree it would be useful to see all events that you are signed up for, so that you can schedule other things around them. I agree that it should be reasonably easy to add to the app, maybe in the next iteration?

Another thing that could be implemented is a check when you try to sign up for an event to see if you already have a “booking” that might interfere with the new appointment. Just have a pop up warning that you already have an event scheduled.