ZC on Android bridge to Ipad pro

I have a Android mobile phone. I am able to connect to my Garmin ANT+ heart rate sensor to my phone as well as my Wahoo kickr core by BLE. Zwift on my phone works with all sensors engaged, but I want to run Zwift with all sensors on my ipad pro. Is that possible by bridging through zwift companion?

When I follow the instructions, I don’t see the option to connect to the companion app on the ipad. Both devices are connected to the same WiFi.

Many thanks for your input.

The Zwift Companion App can only bridge Bluetooth.

The Zwift Companion App connects to the Zwift App over your local network. You will not see an option to connect them. You might want to try disabling your cell signal so the phone is ONLY using WiFi and see if the 2 connect.

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Hi, I think there´s an option on most wifi routers to let or filter connections within neighbors of your LAN. Check that if Paul suggestions doesn´t solve the problem.