Trouble connecting Zwift to Garmin with Technogym MyCycling & Ipad

Hi everyone, i’m new to Zwift and i’ve been trying to get my set up working properly, I have the following gear:

Technogym MyCycling Trainer
Garmin Fenix 5s Plus
Ipad Pro 3rd Gen

The MyCycling connects to Zwift fine so I have some data, but i can’t get my Garmin watch to connect and so I don’t have a record of my rides on the Garmin connect App, and I can’t track my heart rate on Zwift while i’m riding. (when I set the watch to ‘broadcast heart rate’ mode, my ipad / Zwift is still not picking it up.)

Thanks to anyone who can help advise!

The Garmin watch broadcast HR only in ANT+ and Zwift on the iPad is Bluetooth only so you would need to use CABLE or the Viiiiva HR monitor to bridge the signal.

A better option would be to us a duel band HRM like the Wahoo Tickr.

You can also automatically upload completed rides to Garmin Connect.

Thanks Paul, really clear. Will have a look at a dual band HR monitor!