ZA Road WO #3 incorrectly awarding progress despite failure to earn 75% of available stars

Bit of an odd one (as usually it’s “I’ve done this ride and didn’t get it marked off on my programme”) - I signed up for the 1300BST WO#3 group ride on the 13/09/21; joined and had to bail out after 25 minutes.

At the time I left the event I had earned 3 of the 5 available stars (9 available in the workout), so down on the required 75% completion I expected I needed to have in order to qualify this ride.

I saved the activity, but at the main menu noticed my ZA tracker was at “3/6 workouts completed” - which is mirrored with 40% completion shown on the companion app and on the ZA webpage, all of which are crediting me with the 3rd workout that I had failed to complete.

Currently running Win10 connecting to my Tacx trainer via ANT+

I think they relaxed the standard because of complaints last year. I know a rider that got credit for 1 star.

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Medals for everyone :slight_smile:

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does that mean I can graduate the ZA while only completing the warm ups in each workout? :thinking:

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It also got a lot easier.

6 workouts.
Average duration 60min
Average Stress points 60

In 2017:

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I had #1 marked as completed and I don’t think I’d even joined the event in game, certainly hadn’t ridden any of it. Just signed up and was riding something else at that time. Didn’t care because I did it properly later. But it did seem odd.