ZA Events do not match in Game Events

(Fez Rockbottom) #1

I’m looking to ride the casual ZA group ride this morning at 7 AM Eastern but it does not appear as an event to join in game.  The only group events available to me are numbered workouts at the moment and not the other listed group rides on the events page on the website.  Obviously I will have missed this mornings’ ride before anyone answers this post but if someone could look into it, that would be cool.  Thanks.

(Fez Rockbottom) #2

Update:  I was just perusing the website events page and there is another ZA group ride (2-2.5 z/kg) at 3:00 PM Eastern but once in game it does not appear as an event to join.  There are lots of numbered workouts however.

(Phil Clarke) #3

Hi Fez,  that one is for the Women’s Zwift Academy.  Ladies only, no gents allowed.

The restriction on the event listing may not be terribly explicit, but there are clues.  The graphic image is purple for the Women’s Academy (and team Canyon-SRAM), whereas the color for the Men’s Academy (and team Dimension Data) is green.  Additionally, the event listing has hashtags #zaw2018 and #zawride, indicating Zwift Academy Women [instead of ‘zam’ for the Zwift Academy Men].

Good luck with the Academy!
Ride on!

(Fez Rockbottom) #4

Thanks very much!  I need to pay better attention.