Zwift Academy rides and races?

What races and group rides are eligible for ZA credit? If I go to the companion app and go to progress and look at races and group rides it does not list anything.

Only ZA rides and races.

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Thank you. I know this is a stupid question but where in the heck do I find the ZA “certified” group rides and races? The companion app, even with the ZA filter on still lists all races, none of which appear to be ZA ones. I know I found a list once but I cannot find it again. I know I’m being dumb here, but should it be this difficult?

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There is many on the companion app.

See the blue event

I have that problem too on my app. Try to change your filter settings, not once but twice. The second time, I add ZA events and finally they will show up.

Easier to find is zwifthacks has a filter for events to list only ZA events.
Click on ‘filters’ then search for box that is symbol for men’s or women’s Academy and click on that little box. Once you try it, you’ll see it is way easier than using ZC app.