Youtube Tour De France channel Copyright issue

I stream my workout in zwift in Twitch and upload videos on YouTube. Today i got Blocked video from Tour De France channel for copyright music. I ride on Flat route with Peacer 2.1w/kg. Also i have more then 200 videos in youtube without issue.

The system detect my video for this Virtual Tour de France 2020 - Live Stage 2 R46hooBcpBw
My video is just workout and not using videos from Tour De France channel.

Not entirely sure what anybody here can do. Sounds like an issue you’ll need to take up with YouTube.

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That’s due to YouTube’s content ID recognition system. ASO likely has it so that whenever someone is detected with the soundtrack, it will automatically block your video. Have you been using this soundtrack for all of your streams?

This happened to a member of a club I’m in as well. No soundtrack other than Zwift sounds. Apparently the assertion was visual infringement, but there was no reasonable source for that charge. ASO has apparently lost its mind in a very aggressive way.

Ah just realized it’s virtual Tour de France. They likely made a change on their channel that enables content ID on all their videos (including the ones of Zwift gameplay). Zwift can probably sort that out with the ASO…

Maybe try contacting Zwift or dispute the claim?

I had this a month ago and i had to cut 1minute out of my video because of Copyrights from Virtual Tour de France…

ASO correctly guards the rights to their trademarked intellectual property (IP). I’m not an IP attorney, but it feels like this use case would be defined as a “rebroadcast” of an ASO-licensed event conducted on Zwift. This is not something ASO would allow, and Youtube would be correct to reject the upload. There’s not much Zwift can do about this.

I may be mistaken, but I think he was copyrighted for the usage of the audio that was in the Virtual Tour De France. I think he is saying that he has not changed anything with this video, and now he is all of a sudden getting blocked. It may be that there are certain sound effects that are leading to this? I don’t think he is rebroadcasting the virtual tour de France on his own channel…

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From the photo it appears to be a Zwift robo pacer ride. @wizhunt can you describe the ride you did, any events it was part of?

If I understand correctly, this is a video captured in 2020. What would you like Zwift to do about this?

It looks like a video from Aug 4 2023 that has a copyright claim associated with 2020

This is the video they’re trying to protect. I think it’s matching various live streams of Zwift riding.

my video is recorded with original sound of game. no other audio. i reupload video and second video is without issuea:

the claim coming from Предявено искане от: Amaury Sport Organisation
also my video is not public this mean only youtube system can restrict.
they claimed 49:50 - 50:39 that part from video

That link you posted didn’t work

Anyway i had similar situation with all the Sauce overlays i really don’t know how they could claim the video…i had no Zwift sound but a music from Youtube that it’s not copyrights restricted.

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ok. I’ve been using zwift sauce for a while now. and he is most likely the problem

same thing happened to me yesterday, i was testing out a streaming setup on an unlisted live stream. No other sound other than the zwift, it seems like one snippet of riding through the underwater tunnel might match the footage of virtual tdf stage 2. I submitted a dispute

correction, the segment that is flagged is riding over the wooden bridge at the boat marina area

Just had the same

Underwater tunnel seems to be a trigger.

In answer to @shooj 's question “what would you like Zwift to do about it?”
Perhaps use the heft you have (which us an individuals streaming to single or double digit numbers do not have) to suggest to your (former) partners who are erroneously claiming copyright infringement over your game footage to stop?

At least try? They are annoying your customers who have done nothing wrong, all the claims are vexatious.


If these were instances of genuine infringement, this would make sense. But ASO are falsely claiming copyright of your IP broadcast by your customers, these streams don’t have ASO linked footage, it’s just folk riding on Zwift. So I’m fairly sure either your legal team would be interested in a false copyright claim of Zwift IP, or someone customer facing would have your users interests to protect.

Edit: Add in your marketing team might be interested that some of the large volume of user generated content that promotes Zwift every day is now being threatened for removal by someone with no legal rights to it.


Zwift terms of service says their designated agent for copyright claims can be reached at That might be a place to start if you don’t get help from the support desk.

FWIW I got one of these as well, and I know of another friend who had a stream flagged (both on TTT in Watopia). The section mine was flagged was also the aquarium. It was from 2 or 3 weeks ago, so definitely not reusing any footage from 2020 and no music included in my stream.