Youtube Tour De France channel Copyright issue

I’ve mentioned it to Zwift Legal, hopefully they understand it better than @shooj did.

Still doubt they will do anything but it would be nice if they did

A teammate keeps getting the same thing as well. Seems like youtube appeals process is not working right it must of been disputed multiple times and they are still at it.

the problem is from metrics. i have more then 200 videos and when begin to use Sauce for Zwift i have blocked video. i also reupload video and second video is not blocked. first video is still blocked and i use appeal. but apeal work slow 30 day.

I’ve had the same issue with uploading the Epic Series Mountain 8 course on Saturday.

Had this on 3 of my streams. Raised a dispute, no dispute from company so copyright claim removed each time after a month. PITA

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I had mine “manually reviewed” before the month and it was released.

Would be good if Zwift protected its own IP against aggressive troll claims by other organisations.

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Not to defend anyone, but I wonder if the problem is just that YouTube has absolutely nowhere near the ability to pay close attention to all the videos they get uploaded, so they throw algorithms at it without much care for when mistakes are made. How much money would it cost YouTube to correct this problem? Might be a lot more than they think they’ll lose if they don’t. Easier to be lazier and sweep away offenders and innocent alike with broad brush strokes.

Their alogrithms should be fine but is seems like they don’t have a proper process against troll claims. This claim was have been sent for review 10s of times you would of thought after a certain might they remove the IP claim.

What I’m saying is that their reliance on algorithms goes hand in hand with understaffing by humans who can process claims. And it’s possibly cheaper to keep it that way, which leads to claims going uncorrected.

I think what Gordon means is that we have identified that the TdF are using the practically the same bit of footage from one of their channels around the tunnel in watopia to create many erroneous claims.

Having had this pointed out to them, YouTube should stop any claims originating from the TdF video in question (or just all their zwift stuff in general) to prevent this problem at source.

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I know what Gordon means. I’m just talking about possible reasons why they aren’t/won’t do it. I’m saying nothing about whether they should (no, not true, I agree that they should–but that’s not what I’m talking about).